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We Got the Gold!

2015 Gold HermesWe are thrilled to announce our success as a Hermes Creative Award 2015 Gold Winner! We were able to produce an amazing TV Advertisement for Unity Bank, featuring the great comedian, Joe Piscopo.

The Hermes Creative Awards is a competition for creative professionals involved in the concept, writing and design of traditional and emerging media. They recognize outstanding work in the industry while promoting the philanthropic nature of marketing and communication professionals. We were one of more than 6,000 entries from throughout the United States, Canada and several other countries from around the world.

At Bohm-Marrazzo, we are more than just photographers – we are experts in Still & Video Capture and Production, Post-Production and Retouching. We have what it takes to create the perfect image for any and all of your projects.

To see more of what we do, check out our work at www.bohm-marrazzo.com or give us a call at 973.746.3434 to see what we can create together!

To learn more about the Hermes Creative Awards, please visit www.hermesawards.com

Gold Statuette

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Football Season. 


Go Giants. 





…To see more of what we do, check us out at www.bohm-marrazzo.com

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We’ve been keeping ourselves busy these last few weeks!

In between photographing Christmas cards in June and Amusement Parks in September for next summer season, we took another step into the wonderful world of videography.  Here, we are on set for a TV commercial to be aired nationwide.

There is a great deal of skilled people and a highly creative set of minds that go into advertising.   On any given shoot, you have the Director, Videographer, Client, Copywriter, Sound Guy, Grip, Talent, Hair and Wardrobe Stylists, Set Stylists, Extra Hands… and that’s just to name a few.
20130917_124812BOGWhy is our actress standing in front of a giant green screen?  It is for movie magic in the making.  With a green screen, you are able to put your subject in whatever environment you choose.  She could be standing on a beach in Jamaica, or in the middle of the Kentucky Derby!


We will keep you posted on more of our adventures… in the meantime.. stay creative!


See more of our work at www.marrazzomorgan.com and www.bohm-marrazzo.com


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Lights. Camera. Action!

It’s definitely been a while since our last post!  …

We seemed to have missed the entire end of April!  

We hope it’s not too late for a pinch and punch for the First of the Month!

May the Fourth Be With You!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

 Holy Batman!  We’ve been busy!!!!!

Well, don’t you worry… we’re back!   We’ve just recently finished up a great TV commercial — we had the wonderful opportunity of working with some great Directors, Stylists and Videographers.  We’ll post the spot once it airs, but for now… we can show you a little behind the scenes action!



Lights. Camera. ACTION!

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Behind the Scenes

Our team at Bohm-Marrazzo had a wonderful time shooting a local baby TV commercial last week. As you can see it’s all smiles and laughter for the little ones. This behind the scenes photo turned out to be a great image. Sometimes what’s going on around the main event is worth taking the time to capture, too.


So remember to let your inner child come out and have some fun. No one ever really grows up anyway, right?

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This week has literally been BABY MANIA!

We are shooting a NJ local cable TV commercial – featuring BABIES!

For the past few days, and for the rest of the week, we have not only been looking at photos of these pudgy little monsters but also meeting them in the studio to take some updated photos and meet them in person..

All of the gooby smiles and baby soft skin make it worth the countless diaper changes in our waiting room!

Some helpful hints to help deal with a room full of babies on shoot day?

1.  Bubbles! Who doesn’t love them – They calm the nervous parent and amuse the little bums!

2. Peek-a-boo!  Wait, where did you just come from!?!

3. Laughing ! These babies need to know that they aren’t the doctors office getting a shot – so have fun! Be silly! Make ridiculous faces! Make some noises! Be a kid again!

Photos soon to follow

I think it’s time we all take a nap! 🙂

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