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Zooming and  cropping are little edits that  can change the entire composition of your images.

When we zoom, we are able to see details in our images that we may not have noticed to the naked eye.  We see the grains, the pores, the dust.  We see the reflections, the shine and the wrinkles.  It is always very important to look at your entire image at 100% to make sure that you have captured your image in the best possible way that you intended — that 33.7% zoom is simply not good enough and more often than not, quite deceiving.


By cropping, we are able to make our images much stronger.  We get rid of the extras, the excess and the distractions. We allow the audience to see the details that are the most important.  Here, you see a photo of some cute kittens on a bed.  Unless the cats got in the way of your pillow shot… start cropping and keep only the cats.  The pillows will always be pillows, but the eyes and expressions of those kittens will change faster than you can say ‘meow’.  
crop show


Happy Zooming!  Happy Cropping!

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Friends, meet Snakey McSnakerson….

Just kidding! That’s not his real name!  But it might as well be — This Burmese Python who goes by the name of ‘Hernia‘ is heavy enough to give you one!

We had the incredible opportunity to hang out (literally!) with Hernia and his rescuer, Bill Boesenberg, owner of Snakes and Scales and the self proclaimed “North Jersey’s Crocodile Hunter“.

Bill and his team rescue reptiles from all over the country.  He “founded Snakes-N-Scales and Turtle Tales, LLC in 1995, and is now the largest Animal Outreach Educational Organization in NJ.  Snakes-N-Scales comprises a collection of over 400 reptiles, amphibians, fish and invertebrates, one of the largest in the surrounding states of NJ, NY, PA and CT”.

To learn more about Bill and his program, please visit  www.snakes-n-scales.com



“Many people have an uncomfortable feeling about snakes and the bigger they are the more uncomfortable the people become. So when people are watching a TV show, on a channel that is supposedly a nature/fact channel, and they begin to describe the take over of North America by giant pythons loosed in Florida, and headed for all states north, many people become upset. Newspapers print articles about giant snakes eating babies and attacking people as they walk in the fields. Other TV specials appear about how numerous and dangerous these snakes are, and they are coming after you, so people are panicked!

The people write their Congressional representatives and want to know what is being done and how this could have happened. The Congressional reps have seen the same show and they are upset too, so they act in what they believe is in everyone’s best interest. They want to ban the snakes from being pets so no more will be released to take over the world!

So called experts, from organizations that oppose owning any pet that isn’t a domestic cat or dog, are called in to testify. They agree, ban them all! They are going to take over the whole country like some sort of snake plague.

Unfortunately this isn’t an old Pinky And The Braincartoon, it’s real. More unfortunate is that it’s all wrong! Burmese pythons are loose in Florida, along with monkeys, pigs, parrots, iguanas, parakeets, snakehead fish, house cats and a host of other animals that don’t belong there. Yes, that’s true. But unlike the pigs, monkeys, parakeets, snakeheads and cats, Burmese pythons can’t handle even a moderate winter, they die. So the idea that they will be showing up in Times Square anytime soon is ridiculous.

They don’t eat children, nor attack people out for a walk, and the numbers are at best unknown, and at worst grossly inflated. They do get big, but they are mostly shy animals and will run, as fast as is possible with no legs, from people. It probably is a good idea to have some form of permit system in place, but dogs are licensed everywhere and are still running loose and are much more dangerous to children than big snakes could ever be.

The furor was created from fear for the sake of ratings, to sell newspapers and TV commercials. The loose pig is actually more dangerous to crops, local animals and children but loose pigs don’t sell commercials; loose giant child eating pythons do.

We’ll try again tomorrow night, okay Pinky?”

                                   -Bill Boesenberg, Snakes and Scales

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Happy Mothers Day

Wishing everyone and their families a very Happy Mothers Day!

Our good friend Diane Bauman shared a special occasion with us — one of her sheep giving birth to not one, but TWO beautiful little ones.   We were fortunate enough to have a camera handy as the proud mama delivered the babies one after the other.

The whole sheep family then came by to congratulate and welcome the new additions!

 The lambs were quickly up on their feet, walking around and exploring.  Soon after, they cozied up to their (exhausted!) mother and took a restful nap!

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Meet Gillie, a Boston Terrier pup that makes all of our hearts melt!   The best kisses, snuggles and even smells, (yes, she farts like a beast!) come from this little lady!




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Meet Blowie, our resident giant fish.  Don’t be intimidated by his size – he’s a big mush at heart.

Fish can be very intelligent – swimming next to Nemo and Dori, Blowie knows when lunch time is just by seeing his favorite blue feeding cup.

At the studio, our saltwater fish provide countless hours of entertainment for all our guests.

So come on by, sit on the couch, and relax!


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Lazy Lady

We know, we know…. The Pipster again!?!  But hey!. our little one just became a little lady – We celebrated the Pips first birthday with her best friends, Luca, Whoopee and Sealee – two Border Collies and a PyrShep!

After her favorite treats and a dance party (relax, photos to follow), our champion Somali decided to find herself a cozy spot on the floor and laze for the rest of the day.

Happy Birthday Pippi!

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Tiger Cats

These three littles devils came by the studio for a quick hello and a meow!

Kittens are curious, adventurous and just plain-old cute.  There are hundreds every day that go up for adoption and are in a need of a good home.  Our friends over at Cameron Animal Hospital, in Montclair, NJ with Dr. Cameron let us share some of their wonderful new kittens looking for a new home.

Some myths about cats….

1.  Cats need to be bathed.   Nope! A healthy cat will do his or her own maintenance!

2. Cats should drink lots of milk.  Nope! Unlike the cartoons, these feline wonders like crisp cold water.  Dairy, although tasty, makes them a little pudgy!

3. Cats like to go for long walks in the park.   Nope! If that’s your plan for your new pet, you should look into a dog or ferret instead.


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Welcome Home, Sealie!

Welcome to the family, Seallie!

Our newest addition, a two-year old Border Collie, rescued from a life of nothing and no one to a wonderfully loving home!

Our ‘Silly Seallie’ was passed from one home to another.  These homes were unsure of how to handle a young and excited pup full of energy.

Left alone and near death, Seallie was taken to an incredibly talented dog and animal trainer, Diane Baumen, who assessed this little one as almost perfect, needing only a few small tweaks.

Today, our ‘Seallie Monster’ enjoys turning on and off the lights, playing tag with kittens and doing the dishes! 

…Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’re going to run around outside!

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Let’r Rip!

Our wonderfully strong, Riplee, has done it again!   

Riplee Balboa defended her World Titles by defeating The Other Guy  in round 3 of their heavyweight battle. It was the 25th victory of Riplee’s career to end by knockout and her 27th victory overall. Riplee Balboa, the wondercat, dominated from start to finish. Whatever game plan The Other Guy brought into the ring failed miserably, he could not keep up with the range and power of his mighty opponent.



Put ’em up!!!


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Cold Weather is Rushing In!

From a solid 80 degrees earlier last week, this unpredictable NJ fall has sped into a chilly wintry temperature. With low temperatures creeping into the 40’s this weather is quite a shock! So get ready for a wild winter! Break out those heavy coats and toasty gloves for the frigid evenings ahead.

Although many of us weren’t ready for such a quick start into cold weather, embrace it! Have some hot coffee or hot chocolate and bundle yourself up. Get out and get some winter action like skiing up in the mountains before the winter rush!

Think warm thoughts!

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