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Key people contribute to the success of your business

So after a great summer, we lose our wonderful intern Jenn, who returns to Montclair U this week.

She is responsible for writing these great blogs and has been a fantastic assistant and addition to Bohm Marrazzo Photography, here in Montclair, NJ.

No matter what, Jenn always greets you with her great smile and sunny disposition – she will be sorely missed. How are we going to exist?

Yes, Amanda is coming back – but she’s Amanda and Jenn is Jenn and they are both so special and so different.Whether she is shooting in the OR or working on the computer, or slaving over a still life, her skills and work ethic are fabulous!

Jenn, we hope you’ll continue to work with us and come back next year. Thanks for being you and doing an outstanding job!!!!  A+ from your summer “teacher”. We hope our business doesn’t suffer  too much without you.

Love always, Linda, Gerry, Whoopee, Luca, Riplee and Pippi and the Fish and Amanda too.


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