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As the school season comes to an end, we happily start cleaning out our lockers, finishing up those doodles on our desks and count down the days until Mr. SoandSo from chemistry gives us back our confiscated items. 

For those of you who have at least another year until graduation… hang in there!  You can do it!  

Here are some helpful hints to get you through the rest of your school years.. 

1. Study – for real. Sometimes learning can actually be fun!

2. Eat more veggies!  The greener, the better.

3. De-clutter.  It’ll help your concentration.

4. SLEEP.  Try it.  And we don’t mean sleeping through the morning… we mean an actual good nights rest.

For those of you putting on that cap and gown.. we would like to wish you well!  CONGRATS!  Happy Graduation!  Good Luck!



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Lights. Camera. Action!

It’s definitely been a while since our last post!  …

We seemed to have missed the entire end of April!  

We hope it’s not too late for a pinch and punch for the First of the Month!

May the Fourth Be With You!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

 Holy Batman!  We’ve been busy!!!!!

Well, don’t you worry… we’re back!   We’ve just recently finished up a great TV commercial — we had the wonderful opportunity of working with some great Directors, Stylists and Videographers.  We’ll post the spot once it airs, but for now… we can show you a little behind the scenes action!



Lights. Camera. ACTION!

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Cookies, anyone?

Ah! The joys of baking…or should we say the madness of it!

Coming from a family of bakers and cooks, this blogger definitely caught that gene much later in life.  Only recently have the stove fires stopped, the microwave explosions come to a halt and the wonderful cloud of flour settled.   There is much do respect for those of whom baking and cooking come naturally.  To be able to eyeball that perfect amount of this, and throw in that exact dash of that… now, thats skill!

Here are some helpful tips for the kitchen, coming from experience….

1. I fell in love with different size glass mixing bowls – measure everything out ahead of time.  This will help control any disasters caused by the flimsy plastic “spice-shaker-controller-thing-that-always-manages-to-come-off-when-you-obviously-dont-need-THAT-much-cinnamon-in-your-mix-thing”.

2. Read the recipes ahead of time, and all the way through.  There is nothing worse than getting overly ambitious just to find out that the mix of sorts was supposed to take a nap in the fridge for five hours

3. Don’t take it too seriously – so what if your cake was “supposed” to look a certain way!  It’ll taste better now anyways! And those cookies are underbaked? Oh well! It’s not like you weren’t already eating the raw dough…yes, we all know you were!

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The moral of this story is… get out there, get messy and have fun!


Happy Baking!

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Meet Blowie, our resident giant fish.  Don’t be intimidated by his size – he’s a big mush at heart.

Fish can be very intelligent – swimming next to Nemo and Dori, Blowie knows when lunch time is just by seeing his favorite blue feeding cup.

At the studio, our saltwater fish provide countless hours of entertainment for all our guests.

So come on by, sit on the couch, and relax!


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Happy 2013!

 10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1…HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

Happy 2013

Yes, we do realize that wishing everyone a Happy New year at the end of January is a little late, but HEY! Better late than never!  And, can you really blame us!?  We’ve decided that we would ring in the New Year with a fun-filled schedule!  We’ve not only been working hard since the Big Countdown, but playing hard too!   Take that NY Resolution list and add some stars, exclamat!on marks and smiley faces!   Here are a few of ours….

#23:  Eat more chocolate — those tasty little bites of heaven can put a smile on anyones face.  Smiles = Nice people = New Friends    .: Chocolate = New Friends

#37: Exercise at least twice a week — this includes the solo dance party that takes place in your living room while swiffering the floors   .: Dance Party = Clean House

#62: Read more books of different genres — Transitioning from the Twilight series to Schwarzzies autobiography to Goodnight Moon increases your patience and creativity  .:Reading = Patience = Creativity = Smiles (=New Friends = Chocolate…)

Get out there… make a new list!  And enjoy 2013!!

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