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Happy Birthday Whoopee!


Today, we celebrate our Pyrenean Sheppard’s 13th Birthday!  MACH “Whoopee” was among the trailblazing Pyr Sheps who made their mark in the agility world. Retired from the ring for the past four years, she lives an active life of modeling, hiking and running our photography business.


We happily celebrate this long life after finding an aggressive cancer tumor on her hind foot.

Read below to see some of our updates on her progress. 

April 19, 2013:  Radiation journey begins… Waiting for my terrific little pyr shep to begin her healing journey for a sarcoma that has all but covered her hind foot. Today is the fitting for an demobilizer so the radiation next week can be precise. Trying to hold my emotions in check …. Not easy as everyone of you knows what it’s like to fight for your dog’s life.

April 29, 2013: Whoopee Radiation Report – thanks to everyone for support and healing prayers – this new experience is so far a non event.

We went to the Vet MRI & Radiotherapy Center of NJ, located in Clifton, where she showed no fear each of the four consecutive days we went last week. The staff were so caring and attentive to Whoopee that she actually pulled me into the front door each day – how about that? After the initial CAT Scan, they made a mold of her body with a cover that would insure the exact position each of the three days of radiation.

She went through the full anesthesia with no problem and seems very happy. Now it’s a waiting game, as it takes several months to see the effects – good and bad – of the radiation on her foot and tumor. I did the right thing with this treatment and hope that it adds a few more happy years to her life expectancy. I highly recommend this center – which is one of only three in the country that offer a three day radiation treatment for tumors. Hope none of you ever need it for your four legged children.

May 7, 2013: The radiation worked!!!!!Whoopee’s horrible tumor on her hind foot is already shrinking and today, oncologist Dr. Renee Alsarraf, saw her and was thrilled to see so much change in just two weeks of the concentrated radiation treatment. Looks like we’re on the road to recovery!!!!!! Thank you Dr. Alsarraf and all you wonderful friends who sent healing prayers and good energy to help my wonderful pyr shep fight cancer and hopefully, beat it.

May 23, 2013Whoopee celebrates this day with a big smile – she feels great – her appetite is back and she even jumped over some low fences in the backyard – thanks to state of the art radiation cancer treatment available and great vets – we look forward to the next milestone with her cancer in remission!


…Check out our website for more! www.bohm-marrazzo.com

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Wacky Wednesday

Sometimes you just need to laugh! Especially on those Wednesdays where it seems you’ve got a lot more of the week left than has already passed. To get you over that hump, Bohm-Marrazzo Photography has some funny pictures to share with you that will surely bring a smile to your face.

Say cheese! Gunner, the yellow lab sticks his tongue out at the camera during a photo shoot for Frontline last year. Sometimes the outtakes of a photoshoot are just as golden as the intended shot. So don’t delete those “in-between” images; take a look there may be something of value in there!

Thanks to Sue Johnson for the ever-charming Gunner.

Happy Wednesday!

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Afghan Hounds Are Smarter Than You Think!

According to Stanley Coren’s The Intelligence of Dogs, the Afghan Hound is the least intelligent dog of the 110 breeds that were ranked. Sorry Mr. Coren, we (and these adorable Afghan puppies) beg to differ.

These precious Afghan Hound puppies are merely 8 weeks old. They are already being trained by their co-owner, world-renowned trainer Diane Bauman and learning fast! Despite where Stanley Coren
ranks Afghan’s in his intelligence scale, you can see for yourself how smart these dogs really are.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Our friend Diane Bauman is now looking for performance homes for some of these pups. They’re far too smart to just sit there and look pretty!
Let us know if you are interested and we can lead you in the right direction.

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It’s official.  Summer is pouring in around us with bright sunshine and heavy clouds of humidity.

Yes, there are the fabulous breezes that give you hope that the incredibly beautiful sunny day won’t kill you.

And yes, its officially time for shorts and tans which both reveal and hide our winters transparency!

And yes! We become more and more aware that our hairstyles probably won’t last until the end of the day…unless you happen to be an Afghan Hound, Reine, who looks gorgeous regardless of the time of year!


Happy Summer!

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