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What is BFFAEAE, you ask?  Well, the five-year old inside of this puppy-loving blogger claims it to mean “Best Friends Forever And Ever And Ever“!

Meet Sophia, a delicious Boston Terrier, who lives happily in our little town of Montclair.   She is the proud Best Friend of our friend and restauranteur, Ilson.


Finding the perfect best friend can be a big task.  There are hundreds of ways to adopt, rescue, breed and love a new pup, but finding the right one for your lifestyle is key to a successful and lasting friendship.

Make sure that you are choosing a dog that is right for you and your lifestyle  –

Having a 130-lb pupster, think Great Dane or Mastiff,  in a teeny-tiny apartment is no fun for anyone.

Wanting to run and be active with your canine companion, perhaps you should be staying away from Bulldogs and Chihuahuas (although they enjoy a good walk, they definitely won’t be able to keep up with any marathon training!)

Dogs can also be quite expensive! Think food, toys, accessories, vet bills, training, medication, grooming and of course, Halloween costumes!

They are a big responsibility, but when done right, these lovable creatures will become your lifelong friends!



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Headshots are Important…for Everyone!

Just as headshots can be crucial for people with jobs in modeling, acting, or even business; headshots are just as important for animals seeking work! One of the most basic steps in getting your animal into advertising photo shoots is to get them a great head shot. The better their photograph looks, the more likely they are to get chosen by the art director of the job. A photograph with good lighting that shows the animal’s face and body is a good bet. We photographed our friend Ilson’s (owner of Samba Restaurant in Montclair) Boston Terrier, Bella. The image shows her fit body stature and lovable face.

Who could say no to casting that face?


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