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We’ve been doing some spring cleaning!  We opened our drawers, filing cabinets and trunks and started going through some old film, slides and negatives from back in the day when there were no digital cameras, and definitely no photoshop!



We’ll keep you posted on any hidden gems we find!

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Ektachrome is a brand name owned by Kodak for a range of transparency, still, and motion picture films available in most formats, including 35 mm and sheet sizes to 11×14 inch size.  Ektachrome, initially developed in the early 1940s, allowed professionals and amateurs alike to process their own films. It also made color reversal film more practical in larger formats, and the Kodachrome Professional film in sheet sizes was later discontinued.   –Wikipedia




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Bon Voyage!


Handsome aspiring model on a boat

With a shot like this to begin your modeling career, it’s all smoothing sailing from there. Bon Voyage!

We found a great website for you to see some examples of headshots and comp cards. Go to!

Check out our website for more!

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Proudly showing off our two First Place awards from The New Jersey Ad Club 2012!

Proudly showing off our two First Place awards from The New Jersey Ad Club 2012!

3 Wins for Bohm-Marrazzo Studios!

We had a great time working with such wonderful teams to create some truly beautiful work. Thank you to the Bailey Group and Splash News for all the time and effort!

Keep reading to see the winning shots!

Dogs and cats as London Olympic Medalists

Dogs and cats as London Olympic Medalists

First Place: Photography Campaign “London Olympic Medalists”

Shot for Splash News, our furry friends helped us out to create this awesome campaign. Riplee The Boxer, Luca The Swimmer, and our three feline finalists Pippi, Riplee, and Bonnie.

Young boy and his dog playing in the mud for Suncast Ad

Young boy and his dog playing in the mud for Suncast Ad

First Place: Lifestyle and People “Suncast Ad”

Getting messy with this young boy and his dog helped us capture the essence of the outdoors for the Bailey Agency. What a great way to spend our Monday!

Little girl having fun playing with bubbles

Little girl having fun playing with bubbles

Second Place: Still Life/Miscellaneous “Let Me Try” 

The minute we pulled out these bubbles, this adorable little girl lit up the room with laughs. We had such a fun day working with her to get this gorgeous shot!

…Check out our website for more!

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Zooming and  cropping are little edits that  can change the entire composition of your images.

When we zoom, we are able to see details in our images that we may not have noticed to the naked eye.  We see the grains, the pores, the dust.  We see the reflections, the shine and the wrinkles.  It is always very important to look at your entire image at 100% to make sure that you have captured your image in the best possible way that you intended — that 33.7% zoom is simply not good enough and more often than not, quite deceiving.


By cropping, we are able to make our images much stronger.  We get rid of the extras, the excess and the distractions. We allow the audience to see the details that are the most important.  Here, you see a photo of some cute kittens on a bed.  Unless the cats got in the way of your pillow shot… start cropping and keep only the cats.  The pillows will always be pillows, but the eyes and expressions of those kittens will change faster than you can say ‘meow’.  
crop show


Happy Zooming!  Happy Cropping!

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Go ahead… smell ’em!

It is definitely the beginning of a wonderfully warm and sunny spring season!  We have changed the clocks, cleaned our homes and started the insane task of switching out our winter clothes for summer ones in the closet.   Yes, the weather has has a mind of its own… it snowed an incredible foot and a half just the other day, yet managed to melt and disappear by the time we all finished shoveling the driveway!  It’s time, dear Mother Nature.  We’re ready.  Bring on the sun! Bust out the sandals!  Let’s get outside and play!

 05511RC5_036_1So, go ahead, smell those flowers!

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Do you every get that desire for a delicious, ooey, gooey pizza?  I sure do!

There’s not much that comes close to a weekday dinner splurge of picking up that phone and calling in for a pie or two.

Whether it be a plain Margherita or piled high with all the fixings, sometimes you just need a slice.

pizzaMamma Mia! Thatsa’ good lookin’ pie!


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Bon Apetit!


Cooking is an art. The many elements that go into creating a dish combine to become a delicious recipe. Al dente pasta cooked to perfection, bathed in a special sauce, and topped off with a sprinkling garnish of herbs is truly a work of art.

Photographing food is no less an art that preparing it. Here are some tips and tricks for successful food photography:

  1. Place Setting. Set your food up in a visually pleasing setting that accents the food well. As with this ravioli photograph, the red plate highlights the tender lobster on the inside.
  2. Decorate! Add garnishes and spices to enhance the dish.
  3. Use tricks. Wetting the food to add a shine and other techniques can make the food look more appealing.
  4. Accessorize. Adding in other elements to the photo, such as the fork in this image adds interest and persuasion.

So this weekend when you’re cooking up a fantastic meal, why not try photographing your food with some of these helpful tips.

Happy Shooting (and Eating)! 

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Key people contribute to the success of your business

So after a great summer, we lose our wonderful intern Jenn, who returns to Montclair U this week.

She is responsible for writing these great blogs and has been a fantastic assistant and addition to Bohm Marrazzo Photography, here in Montclair, NJ.

No matter what, Jenn always greets you with her great smile and sunny disposition – she will be sorely missed. How are we going to exist?

Yes, Amanda is coming back – but she’s Amanda and Jenn is Jenn and they are both so special and so different.Whether she is shooting in the OR or working on the computer, or slaving over a still life, her skills and work ethic are fabulous!

Jenn, we hope you’ll continue to work with us and come back next year. Thanks for being you and doing an outstanding job!!!!  A+ from your summer “teacher”. We hope our business doesn’t suffer  too much without you.

Love always, Linda, Gerry, Whoopee, Luca, Riplee and Pippi and the Fish and Amanda too.


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Dive In!


Make a splash of the rest of the summer! Jump in to your local pool or swim club! Bring an underwater camera to catch some great summer action. Or stage some wet and wild summer adventures like Bohm-Marrazzo did here with these adorable bears. Believe it or not, still lives can be packed with just as much action as movement shots!
A few important things to consider when creating an action-filled still-life:

  1. Create the illusion of motion. As you can see the bears are posed in such a way that suggests momentum. The diving board the bear is jumping off of bends as if his weigh mid-jump is causing the spring!
  2. Lighting is key. Just as important as always, light the scene carefully!
  3. Think about the environment! The sky in the background and shrubbery along the fence suggest a very real setting to the viewer!
  4. Have fun with it!

Happy Shooting.



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