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Bento Box

Seriously, what did we eat before sushi??

Maki, Sushi & Sashimi.  Edamame, Tempura & Miso.  Bento Boxes full with Chicken Teryaki and Wasabi!!mmm… sounds delicious! I’ll have them all!

We had the pleasure of dining at Toro Sushi, a local sushi bar located in Upper Montclair.   The experience, food and atmosphere inspired yet another blog about the hungry tummy!

Being a sushi lover, we have made our own in the comfort of our home…. it’s definitely not as pretty, but tastes fantastic!  Here’s what you need…

*Sushi Rice

*Fresh Sushi Grade Fish

*Any combination of veggies (Cucumbers, Scallions, Baby Corn, etc)

*Any combination of textures from your favorite rolls or pieces (Cream Cheese, Tempura Flakes, Sesame Seeds, etc)

*Don’t forget the Wasabi and Ginger!!!

Sushi is definitely an art form.  Creating the perfect roll, a combination of tastes and textures is key.



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