Photographing Packaging

At Bohm-Marrazzo Photography we work with all kinds of animals, from the typical dogs and cats to snakes, ferrets, you name it! The images on these packages for ferret products were photographed by us for Petsmart. For our own record we bought some of these products and photographed the montage of our work. However, Photographing packages to look great is not as simple as you’d think. Here are some tips for photographing packaging:

  1. Lighting is key. You want to use even, soft lighting to avoid glaring highlights or deep shadows. You want the surface of the package to be easily readable.
  2. Arrange the products in a simple and pleasing way. This grouping of products is arranged together by propping certain packages up on risers to allow the packages to be shown together in an interesting set up that also allows a clear view of the images and words on the packaging.
  3. Dimesion. Show the dimension of the products by angling them and accentuating shape so that the packages do not appear flat.
  4. It’s okay to cheat! Who ever said cheating is not allowed? Use what tricks you have up your sleeve to make the photograph look good. These packages were in a shiny plastic covering with the cardboard sleeve on the inside. The plastic was creating such a harsh glare that we removed the packaging cardboard image from the sleeve and taped it to the outside to cut down on glare. We also used little bits of tape here and there to hold the angles of the packages still. So go ahead, cheat!

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