Become a Gold Medalist in Sports Photography

With the Olympics commencing the whole world has sports on the brain! If you are one of the lucky people to be holding one of 8 million tickets to go and see the Olympics in London this year, you have got to be prepared to capture some great action shots. Make sure you are ready to catch the jumps, spins, and dives these world class athletes are serving up! And if you’re watching the Olympics from home like us, practice sports photography with your friends and family so you’re ready for the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi!

  • Get your priorities straight. Consider using the Shutter Priority Mode in your camera and choose a fast shutter speed! The faster your shutter speed is, the better you will be able to “freeze time,” allowing us to view an action in a way that we can’t typically see with the naked eye.
  • If the lens fits, use it! Choosing which lens to use depends on the types of images you’re going for. Consider telephoto lenses if you are in the nose bleed sections! Maybe try a wide angle lens to get views of the whole stadium environment. Choose a lens with a large aperture opening like f1.8 to allow for better captures in low-light.
  • Use a high ISO! The higher the ISO you use, the more sensitive your camera is to light. This makes it easier to capture the action in low-lighting environments. However, beware of too much grain as the ISO gets into extremes.
  • What’s your angle? When possible, experiment by shooting from different angles to catch the action from all sides.
  • Experiment! Try some things you normally wouldn’t. What happens when you slow your shutter speed way down to show some movement? Or when you shoot from a super low angle? Take a look around, why not shoot some of the reactions in the crowd? Play around!
  • Cover your bases. Be prepared! Bring extra batteries, memory cards, external flash, and different lens options.

Lights, Camera, Shoot!

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