Earlier this week we did a photo shoot for a local hospital, highlighting some of their doctors on staff. We composed interesting portraits of doctors that highlighted what these doctors do. There are lots of things to keep in mind when doing on location portraits of professionals. Here are some tips to having a successful on location shoot:

  • Be prepared; think ahead.
  • Work out the lighting before the subject comes by putting in a “stunt person”.
  • If you’re not early, you’re late.
  • Plan where you are going to shoot before you arrive at the location.
  • If you are doing more than one image, make sure you schedule enough time for the “unexpected“.
  • Professionals don’t typically like receiving a make-over at work, but no one has a problem with a dab of anti-shine, which is colorless and invisible. However, it really helps with those nasty forehead shines!
  • If you don’t have time or space to find a good background, don’t waste your subject’s time. Work fast and plan on a background in post-production. This doctor could only spare  5 minutes out of her busy schedule. We needed to show that she was a surgeon, so we asked her to dress in scrubs at her office. And this was the outcome of great post-production work of Gerry Marrazzo.

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