Daily Archives: May 1, 2012

Pet Photography

Photographing pets can be easier than you think, if you follow a few rules:

1.Think ahead and plan where you want to capture your dog or cat. Notice where the natural light is coming from and make sure you pick the time of day that coincides with the lighting you need to create your photo. Also, make sure your pet will be comfortable in the place you plan the shoot.

2. Ask someone to help you with either the camera or the pet. We find it essential to have someone around to dangle the food or toy over the camera to get the animal’s attention. You will be much more successful, if you don’t attempt this alone.

3. If the cat, dog, hamster or fish is looking at the camera, always have some flash illuminating their eyes. If you don’t want that artificial “flash” look, simply put a tissue over the flash part of the camera and you will have highlights in the eyes with a more natural feeling of light.

This photo of the little girl and cat looks very casual – but it was very planned. We asked the child to sit up on the window ledge and put some food next to her. We called the cat, who smelled the treats, and she jumped up towards the little redhead. A little flash on the camera and there you have your natural photo.

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