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It’s all in the Family

Whether you’re shooting human siblings, or a clowder of cats – always be expecting the unexpected!

On any given day, family members may be lovers or haters to one another – when shooting, you should always be ready to distract them from one another!

For this specific shoot, we were told to have these kittens playing lovingly with their grandfather and great-grandfather!  There are a few ways to get this done…

1. Food, food, food!  Kiddies to Kittens, we’re all suckers for food!

2. Lots of helpful hands! These kittens, much like toddlers like to roam – be prepared to play catch!

3. Rewards! Catnip and more food (or toys, for the humans!) always  give you enough time to catch your breath!


Happy Shooting!

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It’s official.  Summer is pouring in around us with bright sunshine and heavy clouds of humidity.

Yes, there are the fabulous breezes that give you hope that the incredibly beautiful sunny day won’t kill you.

And yes, its officially time for shorts and tans which both reveal and hide our winters transparency!

And yes! We become more and more aware that our hairstyles probably won’t last until the end of the day…unless you happen to be an Afghan Hound, Reine, who looks gorgeous regardless of the time of year!


Happy Summer!

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Look around the room.  Find something, anything, that sparks your interest.

Light it. 

Shoot it. 

Enjoy it. 


…It’s all in the details.

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Let me set the scene for you…

It’s one of those grey and rainy, yet wonderfully cozy, “I-don’t-want-to-get-out-of-bed-ever” mornings. You throw the covers back, walk groggily to the kitchen, wishing you were still wearing your bed.  You switch on your coffee maker, only to realize the horror which awaits….  you’re out of coffee.  

We’d like to believe that these delicious children knew the exact feeling of such a morning!


Happy Wednesday!

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Montclair, New Jersey is home to some of the most delicious food and exquisite dining experiences.

One of our absolute favorites is Samba, located on Park St.

This Brazilian restaurant serves up a great breakfast and lunch menu.  For dinner, the menu does a 180 and serves mouthwatering local dishes.  The interior, rustic and comfortable, transforms dinner into a true dining adventure.

We were very fortunate to go in and shoot his beautifully decorated interior!  Shot with natural and available light, we tried to stay true to their laid-back and “real” personality.



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Creepy Crawlers

As much as we might get the ‘heebie jeebies’ from our eight-legged friends, we have to admit that they make for a very interesting photo!

The Gasteracantha cancriformis, also known as the spiny-backed orbweaver, jewel box spider or smiley face spider is found in many different areas of the world, including Bermuda, where we found this little guy.

After doing some research, we knew that this spider was not poisonous and decided to make our shot a little more photo-friendly.  We carefully took the spider out of his web, cautious not to disturb it, and placed him on a nearby leaf.  After a few great poses, we called it a wrap and went about our separate ways.

Enjoy nature as it comes – don’t be afraid to wander a little bit outside of your comfort zone!

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It’s all in the details.

Wherever and whatever you may be doing – whether you’re walking to work in the rain, or shooting a Pennsylvania landscape – keep your eyes open to the details.  Regardless of how small or uninspiring things may look, it will always come down to that little bit of something that can catch your eye and make you smile.


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The team at Bohm-Marrazzo has definitely been keeping busy these past few weeks!  A few of our highlights have been the great opportunity to scrub in at some of the best hospitals in the state.

From professional portraits to an afternoon surgery in the OR, we love to have the ability to explore and communicate the wonders that these doctors and their incredible teams do everyday.

The experience alone of putting yourself in their shoes (or fancy blue shoe covers!) is truly amazing.


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Thinking outside the box

Be creative and use your imagination!

As the summer season approaches, so do the many opportunities to branch out and explore new things and ideas. We are constantly shooting different types of work to keep us on our feet – from pets to bank executives, hospitals and delicious desserts!

Happy Shooting!

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From squirmish kids to soccer games, fast cars and agility kittens, the art of capturing anything in motion is tricky business.

1. Find your focus point. Think ahead to where you think your subject will be and get ready.

2. Be patient! Try not to shoot too early, and make sure not to miss the moment.

3. Find a great angle, one that will best depict the story you are trying to share.

Here, our studio superstar, Pippi, shows off her jumping skills!

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